About Us

When Haris Tyler decided to expand his company, he wanted to ensure that it would be in a way that would benefit his clients everyday of the year. He didn't want to grow and leave his basic minimum standards behind, these include:

  • Friendly, tailored advice,
  • A wide selection of products that will almost certainly cater for all of your hair needs,
  • Aftercare and advice 24/7,
  • Exclusive offers,
  • A bespoke service that you will not find anywhere else,
  • Competitive pricing on all our products.

We decided to grow our company online, the reason for this was because we felt that certain clients were unsure of what product to get during their hair appointment, and then when they did decide they were having to wait until their next appointment to purchase. This is now made easier, with a site packed full of information about what is best for your hair, and different ranges that you can browse in the comfort of your home!  

At Haris Tyler we also feel that having a choice of products is vital when deciding what is best for your hair, this is why we have a wide range of brands that suit all needs. 

We also absolutely love seeing all of our lovely clients and customers, so if you are ever in the Halifax area, please come say Hello!

Address of store: 

Haris Tyler 

10 Square

The Woolshops