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This product is a game changer for styling hair! B.R.U.S.H is a serious must have! If you are looking for a hot styling tool that will give you immense amounts of shine, and a blowdry that will rival the best. B.R.U.S.H is simply stunning. 

You will no longer need to go over your hair with straighteners, or your curlers which is insane, and saves you time! The shine that this styling tool creates as well is out of this world, and it provides even the limpest of hair with volume. 

Why is B.R.U.S.H So Good?

B.R.U.S.H is a brand that scream Impulse State and that is class, quality products, fabulous hair and great prices! This product will not only be good for yourself, but also an amazing present for a loved one, you no longer have to worry about having a 'bad hair' day again! 

We recommend using a good quality heat protection spray, and finishing oil or serum when using any heated styling tool, this is is that you hair is protected and can look amazing for longer! 

This stunning hot tool comes in two sizes: