Davines Alchemic Chocolate Shampoo

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The awesome Davines Alchemic Chocolate Shampoo is a wonderful weapon in the fight against dull and lifeless brown hair. Specially formulated, this gorgeous shampoo works with your natural or enhanced hair colour to keep it looking fabulous for longer.

Davines Chocolate Shampoo has earned a well-deserved reputation for its luxurious and intensive moisturising properties, and it’s one of my most recommended products for my brown haired clients.The results are instant and your hair will feel like you’ve just had a treatment with us!

Why is Davines Chocolate Shampoo so fantastic?

Not only does Davines Chocolate Shampoo offer superb nourishment and protection due to its natural, hydrolysed milk proteins, its main benefit comes from the addition of highly effective colour pigments. These help to illuminate, enhance and prolong your gorgeous colour, and to avoid that unpleasant and unwanted loss of tone that can be the bane brown haired clients!

For super silky hair and incredible colour that turns heads, I highly recommend trying this out! For best results, use Davines Alchemic Chocolate Shampoo straight before its Alchemic Conditioner counterpart – lather up and relax while it works its magic