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Davines Oi Travel Set

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What a gorgeous Christmas present this could be. The beautiful Davines Oi Travel set this range is sure to be something that you will benefit from. The whole Oi range is one of my best sellers and I absolutely love them! 

Davines Oi Travel Set is the perfect present for someone, or even a gift to yourself, simply stunning products all in one amazing box. It is a great way to introduce yourself to Davines or the Oi family, and this set is also amazing if you are going away!

What makes Davines Oi Travel Set so stunning?

Not only does the Davines Oi Travel Set provide all you could want for your hair, the box travel box will have all the benefits that you could possibly need. This travel set will help to restore healthy shine, nourishment and softness to stressed locks!

If you are looking for a relaxation after a busy day at work then look no further than this stunning set! I would recommend shampooing your hair with Oi Shampoo, and then use your conditioner. Leave for 5-10 minuets and rinse thoroughly. Apply the Oi All In One Milk styling product after onto towel dried hair before styling. 


Oi Travel Set: 

Oi Shampoo (90ml), Oi Conditioner (75ml) and Oi Oil (50ml)

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