Davines - 'This is a Dry Texturiser'

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A product that I simply cannot live without, it has an amazing ability to keep your style locked and loaded for over 24 hours. Using a good quality dry texturiser is the perfect way to provide your hair with vast amounts of volume!

In addition to its volumising properties, this product also provides you with the chance to create am airy and sensual silhouette look.  

How does Davines Dry Texturiser work?

Davines Dry Texturiser is powered by encapsulation technology, allowing it to form a voluminous shield that will give you so much lift you will look like a million dollars all day!

To give your hair insane volume, give the can a good shake and spray into your root, make sure it is 30 cm away for a good result. Once applied you can either leave as you like, or brush out to your desired result.