Davines - 'This is a Shimmering Mist'

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One of my go to products when styling hair, Davines Shimmer Mist. Using a shimmer mist after stylist will give your hair that extra desired pop and shine to make you ready for any event.

As well as Davines Shimmer Mist having incredible shining properties, it is also designed to help with static and frizz in your hair, so your style will have incredible shine, and look super smooth. 

Why is Davines Shimmer Mist so amazing?

Davines 'This is a Shimmering Mist' is powered by encapsulation technology, allowing it to form a protective shield without weighing down your hair. Working on your hair whilst you can enjoy your day. It is so lightweight that you will never feel like you have anything on your hair! 

To get insane shine, static and frizz free hair, give the can a good shake and spray about 30 cm away from your hair. Once applied you can either leave as it is or brush out to a style you like.