Fudge Clean Blonde Tri-blo Violet spray 150ml

Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Tri-Blo Spray - 150ml

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The incredible Fudge Professional Clean Blonde Violet Tri-Blo spray is a magnificent styling tool in the fight against brassy hair. Specially formulated, this violet toning spray will certainly combat any brassy tones that you may have in your hair! 

Fudge Professional violet toning spray has earned a well-deserved reputation for not only its brass combating properties, but also its blow-drying properties and it’s one of my most recommended products for clients who want their hair to stay ice white and protect their hair at the same time!

Why Is Fudge Clean Blonde Spray Brilliant?

Fudge Professional Clean Blonde Violet Tri-Blo will not only maintain your clean blonde look, which is its main benefit, but it will also protect your hair from heat up to 235 degrees. The spray also smells incredible. Normally violet sprays can smells very chemical, but this products has been infused with apple and coconut to make it smell divine!

For super silky hair and incredible colour that turns heads, with a colour that will be super bright for longer, I highly recommend trying this spray with one of our Fudge Shampoo and Conditioners! For best results, make sure that your hair is towel dried, and then spray in short burst, holding 20-30cm away from your hair so as not to saturate any areas too much.