Fudge Hair Shaper
Fudge Professsional Hair Shaper - 75g

Fudge Professsional Hair Shaper - 75g

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The super Fudge Professional Hair Shaper is a magnificent styling tool to get the perfect hair style for any event. Specially formulated, this hair paste is designed to help your style last longer and hold better without the need to use loads of hairspray! 

Fudge Professional hair shaper has earned a well-deserved reputation for not only its styling properties, but also its hold properties and it’s one of my most recommended products for clients who want their hair to stay in place and last for a long time!

Why Is Fudge Clean Hair Shaper So Good?

Fudge Professional Hair Shaper will not only maintain your look, which is its main benefit, but it will also provide your hair with hold and won't cause your hair to feel like it is coated. The paste also smells amazing, which is an added bonus!

For an incredible hair style that turns heads, I highly recommend trying this hair shaper with a fudge hairspray as well as washing your hair with one of our Fudge Shampoo and Conditioners! For best results, make sure that your hair is fully dried, and then apply the hair shaper until happy, after this spray your hairspray in short burst, holding 20-30cm away from your hair so as not to saturate any areas too much.