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Hot Tools Black Gold Evolve Hair Straighteners

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We simply LOVE Hot Tools Evolve Straighteners, and now we have the Black Gold Limited Edition to add to the collection! If you are looking for a hot styling tool that will give you immense amounts of shine, and smooth hair then look no further, this is the product for you!

In addition to it being an incredible straightener, Hot Tools Evolve is also insane at curling your hair, so whether you are wanting to wear your hair straight or curly, Hot Tools can do both!

Why is Hot Tools Black Gold Evolve So Good?

Hot Tools is a brand that scream Haris Tyler, and that is class, quality products, fabulous hair and great prices! This product will not only be good for yourself, but also an amazing present for a loved one, you no longer have to worry about having a 'bad hair' day again! 

We recommend using a good quality heat protection spray, and finishing oil or serum when using any heated styling tool, this is is that you hair is protected and can look amazing for longer!


Pulse Technology - For that 'Gets hot stays hot' performance

Advanced Ionic Technology - Ensures less damage, straighter results and reduced frizz for smoother shinier hair

Revolutionary Cylindrical Design - Easier, faster styling with less stress. Reducing the time and effort needed to achieve perfect curls, volume and movement! 

Black Gold Plated Irons - Black Gold provides immense amounts of shine to your hair.