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Kerastraight Ultimate Oil

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This has fast become a main stay in my styling services, Kerastraight Ultimate Oil, this has magical properties that enable your hair to look and feel expensive, without having to break the bank!

In addition to its shine properties, Ultimate Oil has 9 specifically chosen oils blended together, to provide your hair with only the best. Your hair will never need to look dull again!

How does Ultimate Oil work?

Kerastraight's Ultimate Oil is powered by precious oils, allowing it to form a superb shine barrier on your hair. This oil will give you detangling products as well, so any knots that haven't been removed will be instantly banished,  so your style looks, feels and smells great while you go about your busy day (or night!).

Apply a small amount to the palm of your hand and run through your mid-lengths and ends for best results.