Davines Liquid Spell

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One product that I cannot live without. Davines Liquid Spell is an instant hair treatment that you will notice from day one. 

In addition to its treatment properties, Liquid Spell also helps to provide lifeless locks that extra boost to come back! Hair that was once flat and helpless will be full of volume and life!

How does Liquid Spell work?

Davines's Liquid Spell is powered by technology, allowing it to work on the inside of your hair, plumping up each strand back to what it once was. The volume and condition of your hair will instantly be improved and your style will look, feel and smell great while you go about your busy day (or night!).

To defend your hair from looking lifeless apply a reasonable amount to your hair, it will come out as a foam so be careful with how much you use, and simply blowdry into your desired style.