Oribe Desertland Eau De Parfum 75ml

Oribe Desertland Eau De Parfum - 75ml

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An absolutely stunning fragrance that will be sure to catch the attention of anyone you are near. 

Oribe is renowned for its beautiful hair care, but they have also developed a stunning fragrance line that will complete your Oribe experience

What Makes Oribe Desertland So Gorgeous?

Oribe Desertland Eau De Parfum has been in development for many years, and they have finally released what they believe to be one of the best fragrances on the market. 

Not only does it smell simply gorgeous, but they way that the bottle has been designed means that it will sit perfectly with your perfumes and makeup. 

Top notes are Lavender, Pine Tree and Juniper Berries; middle notes are Angelica and Wildflowers; base notes are Vetiver, Sandalwood and Texas Cedar.

This fragrance is designed for both men and women.

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