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R+Co Centerpiece All In One Elixir Spray - 147ml

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If you enjoy styling your hair and are looking for a product that can help hold your look and add to it, the Centerpiece is the product for you!

We know you’ll fall in love with this just as much as we have after just one use. 

What is so good about Centerpiece All In One Elixir Spray?

This all in one elixir spray will help to create the hairstyle of your dreams, and will soon become a mainstay in your haircare routine.

Paxked with rich natural oils, Centerpiece will help to detangle your hair and fight frizz, all while being lightweight in feel. Apply to your hair after using one of your R+Co favourite shampoo and conditioner duos, towel dry your hair, apply Centerpiece, style as desired.

Good for:

  1. coloured hair
  2. Vegan
  3. Cruelty free
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