R+Co Chiffon Styling Mousse

R+Co Chiffon Styling Mousse - 165ml

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Volume and structure is something that many people struggle with, many feeling that there hair is lifeless, well now there is no need to feel this way with Chiffon Styling Mousse.

We know that you’ll have volume for days with this products.

Why is Chiffon Mousse So Incredible?

Perfect for fine to medium hair types, Chiffon adds lightweight volume, body and shine to hair, helping you achieve the perfect structured blow dry or style without having to worry about it weighing your hair down, adding weight, and texture while guaranteeing a soft but strong structure and hold to the hair.

Formulated with Abyssinian oil to preserve moisture and protect hair against thermal damage, black Polynesian volcanic sand to condition hair and provide extra heat and colour protection and finally styling polymers to thicken hair and protect hair against styling tools this is a must for anyone with a penchant for heat styling.

Good for:

  1. coloured hair
  2. Vegan
  3. Cruelty free
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