Crown Scalp Scrub

R + Co Crown Scalp Scrub - 167ml

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A scalp scrub that will get rid of any stubborn build up, or dryness on your scalp leaving it feeling fresh and rejuvenated. 

What Makes Crown Scalp Scrub So Stunning?

Rebalance your scalp with this stunning scalp scrub, and ensure that your hair has a great space to flourish.

True hair health starts at the top. This purifying and soothing scrub will detox, cleanse and re-balance your scalp. Excellent for sensitive or oily skin.

How To Use:

Massage a walnut-sized amount into the entire scalp. Start at the hair-line and work backwards; then, start at the nape and work upwards. Massage until you feel exfoliants dissolve. Rise thoroughly and follow with an R+Co conditioner.

Vegan + Cruelty-Free

      Good for:

      1. coloured hair
      2. Vegan
      3. Cruelty free
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