moodswing straightening spray 119ml

R+Co Mood Swing Straightening Spray - 119ml

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Waves or curly hair? Like to change it up from time to time? Moodswing Straightening Spray is a gorgeous product designed for this exact need. 

We know you’ll fall in love with this just as much as we have after just one use. 

Why is Moodswing Straightening Spray so brill Ian Thorpe?

Moodswing is designed for people who have waves or curly hair, it is heat activated and has a humidity blocker in it to help keep your hair silky smooth for days!

This stunning product also repels water so your hair is properly protected. Apply to your hair after using one of your R+Co favourite shampoo and conditioner duos, towel dry your hair, apply Moodswing, style as desired.

Good for:

  1. Decreases dry time by 27%
  2. Reduces frizz by 86%
  3. Increases smoothness and shine by 73%
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