one prep spray 241ml

R+Co One Prep Spray - 241ml

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Want a professional product for your hair that can give you a salon finish at home? One Prep Spray is the product for you.

You won’t be disappointed from the first until the last spray.  

What makes One Prep Spray so magical?

It is a product that can give you a salon finish at home, not only this, but it moisturises your hair, detangles and conditions your hair.

Think of this as a primer for your hair, it will gently coat your hair on readiness for styling. Apply to your hair after using one of your R+Co favourite shampoo and conditioner duos, towel dry your hair, apply the lotion and style as required.

Good for:

  1. coloured hair
  2. Vegan
  3. Cruelty free
  4. Increasing elasticity 
  5. Soothes the scalp
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