Rodeo Star Thickening Foam 150ml

R+Co Rodeo Star Thickening Foam - 150ml

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Is your hair feeling lifeless, and lacking in volume? Then look no further than Rodeo Star Thickening Foam to provide your hair with the required boost it needs!

We know you’ll fall in love with this just as much as we have after just one use. 

Why is Rodeo Star Thickening Foam so great?

It will penetrate your hair strands, one at a time, and in doing so thickening them to provide volume and life to your locks!

Rodeo Thickening Foam will add volume and density to your hair, as well as keeping your hair lightweight, and none sticky in feel. Apply to your hair after using one of your R+Co favourite shampoo and conditioner duos, towel dry your hair, apply foam, style as desired.

Good for:

  1. coloured hair
  2. Vegan
  3. Cruelty free
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