Zig Zag Root Spray

R + Co Zig Zag Root Tease and Texture Spray - 177ml

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If you want your hair to have volume, but also texture, then this is the product for you. Trust us when we say that.  

What Makes Zig Zag Root Tease So Amazing?

Tease and please tresses with R+Co Zig Zag Root Tease and Texture Spray, a lightly tinted spray that works to energise and refresh locks. Scented with white cedarwood, palo santo, fresh pine needles, waterlily and smoky tobacco leaf, it contributes additional style and hold.

The spray is infused with bamboo stem extract, styling resin, mineral pigment and zeolite. This blend of ingredients is rich in vitamins and minerals and helps to thicken, strengthen and brighten fine and weakened locks. It works to tame frizz and add volume while absorbing excess oil and scenting tresses with a luscious fragrance.

    Good for:

    1. coloured hair
    2. Vegan
    3. Cruelty free
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